Product Care

Keep your received BLOSSOMS gift strong and healthy. We would love to share with you some of our tips to keep your received flower or plants fresh and healthy. 

Hand Tied Bouquets

Your bouquet can remain in its wrapping for up to 48 hours. After this it is advisable to change the water, so head to your kitchen sink grab the base of the bouquet make an opening in the bag to release the water. Remove the paper wrapping but do not untie the flowers. Find a suitable vase pour fresh to it and trim 5cm off the ends of flower stem. Place them in the vase and enjoy them for more days.

blossoms bouquet care

Hat Boxes

Our hat boxes comes with wet foam inside, we recommend to water the foam every 48 hours. Try to keep the box away from direct air conditioning units to avoid quick drying. Pour water gently in the middle between the flowers please don't over flow as it may damage the box. Once flowers perish our hat boxes makes amazing keepsakes :)

blossoms hat box

Orchid Plants

Orchids like humidity, always keep them away from direct AC flow. The best temperature for the plant between 22 - 27 degree Celsius. For big and mini plants, water 10ml to 15ml once a week. Dwarf plants we recommend to spray about 5ml once a week. Try not to soak with water as the roots may rott and die. Once the flowers fall off, keep looking after the plant is will bloom again in 4 to 5 months.

blossoms hat box orchid